I was rescued from loneliness by an angel


Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Val Kilmer has opened up the game on the thermal characteristics of the discharge, that he had lived with some of the famous ones in her new memoir, ” I’m Your Huckleberry, one of them Angelina Jolie!

According to the actor, the two met at the set of the long Bill, but it’s only started to live in a full-length novel after the film was released in the year 2004. The actor, who wrote, in a certain part of the book, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper:

I was rescued from a hell-raised in solitude, on the other an angel. Maybe it’s the angel, the most serious of them all. Angelina.

He continued by citing some of the features of Angelina’s, and ended by saying that despite her being a difficult person to have access to, and the relationship was more than worth it.

When people are asking me how is Angelina, and I always tell her that she is just like any other woman, and the other stars, except it’s bigger. The most beautiful one. The most clever. The most tragic. More of the magic. More of an explanation. If it was all worth it? It was well worth it to get to know a person, that you need weeks of effort to figure out, at least for a little while? Yes.

A short time later, in 2005, as Angelina began to write to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, where she met Brad Pitt, with whom he was married for 12 years, until the end of 2016.

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Val also reported on the affairs he had with other famous people, like Cher, Carly Simon, Cindy Crawford and Daryl Hannah, the latter also responsible for breaking the heart of the actor, while in the end, he said the same. Nice!