J. K. Rowling has had a nightmare of the accident with Emma Watson and we’re trying to figure out


Who here has already played it on the Google when there was some strange dream, or a nightmare, a lot claim? We have no idea how to come of these pictures in our minds while we are sleeping, but it’s impossible!

And if you’ve had a nightmare on the night of the last week, it was J. K. Rowling, who dreamed of a killer, and Emma Watson. She also shared the story on Twitter, and left it up to the fans and the curious to the outcome, as if it were a book or a movie.

“I had a nightmare the most elaborate of my life last night. A serial killer with a sledge hammer, a scientist working on a vaccine against a coronavirus, and many of the plots, one involving the rescue of a monkey in the window. In the interval between the murders are horrible, it took me a Emma Watson-out to lunch.”

But the people, as though all of this happened in just one night?!