Kylie Jenner reveals what he eats every day, and it seems that it is not at all healthy


Kylie Jenner has revealed in a video for the magazine Harper’s Bazaar everything that you eat every day, and crashed into the the internet.

Breakfast in the morning

In the morning, Kylie is in for a nice hot cup of broth from the bones with a light lavender and a squeeze of lemon. Sometimes it also takes the juice from the celery root you have.

In fact, it Has proved that the juice of the bones is not just to have a drink in the morning – it goes on all the time, taking sips, and it can come to be taken for at least two glasses of juice per day.


Kylie has revealed that he is unable to eat the same thing for lunch every day. Generally, however, it prepares you for something like chicken with lemon and veggies, tacos, or ask one of those “salads ” giants”.

However, she said that her favorite food when she is not following the diet, it’s the In-N-Out a network of fast-food in the USA).


Please note: the following pages are not in the healthy ones. Kylie has revealed her trick to decrease the appetite for the night, she eats a few slices of apple.

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