Marvel regains the rights-of-Jessica-Jones-in before the time limit imposed by Netflix


By Jessica Jones (From Play)
By Jessica Jones (From Play)

The Defenders they may be here sooner than you expect. Recently, we found that Daredevil it has already been released, to integrate with the The Universe, Cinematic, Marvel Comics.

Now, according to Jeremy Conradthe more heroes that are used by the Netflix they are coming in to the control of the Marvel Studios before it was scheduled. And, of course, Jessica Jonesthat came to fruition in the interpretation of the Krysten Ritteris included in the package.

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In accordance with the original contract from the giants streaming with Marvel, the studio would only get the freedom to work with the stars of the side, Enjoying the USING two years after the cancellation date.

However, the USING the Cosmic he revealed that the studio has regained the rights to all the characters, from the Defenders, who in addition to the Daredevil, and Jessica Jones will also include all the characters that have played a leading role Luke Cage, Iron fist and The Punisher.

Although there are no details on how they were to be encorporadas in the franchise Charlie Cox it should return as Matt Murdock in the third installment of the Spider-Man ride-in poe Tom Hollandthat may also apply to the return of the Vincent D’onofrio as for Wilson Fisk, the kingpin.

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