Of Anitta, the Stones, for example: megafestival funds against the coronavirus


Nearly a hundred artists and celebrities from different countries have confirmed participation in the festival online One World: Together, At Home in the English language, One World: Together in the House, which takes place from 15 pm (eastern time) today (18).

In addition to the brazilian Anitta, in the event that the non-governmental organization (NGO), the Global Citizen, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), will be musical performances by Andrea Bocelli; Was Eilish), Chris Martin (lead singer of the band Coldplay); Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam); Others Eilish; Elton John; Jack Johnson; Jennifer Lopez; Juanes; Paul McCartney; Pharrel Williams, the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, The Killers, among many others.

The goal is to raise funds that will be donated to the fight against the new coronavirus (covid-19), and to stress the importance of people staying in the house to try to contain the spread of the virus as a remedy for the disease, it is not to be found.

In addition to performing, the singer, the american actress and Lady Gaga helped to organize the presentations, which will include the participation of celebrities, as well as the boss of Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the pilot of Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton; host Oprah Winfrey and actors: Ellen Degeneres, Lupita Nyong’, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Each guest will take part in the event at your own home. The music should be, in large part, on the acoustic or pre-recorded. All of the interventions will be relayed through the internet and via TELEVISION in several countries. In Brazil, there are options to keep track of the pre-show, on the basis of 15 hours, which include all the channels in the best-selling musical on TV and on Youtube, and it’s Globoplay, in which the signal will be available.

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The main musical attractions, however, if you will, from the 21% change in Addition to the post-mortem takes place, and Globoplay, the Globo TV will show the concert in full immediately following the program in the wee Hours.

On the internet, you will be able to keep up with it since the pre-show to the page of the NGO ” the Global Citizen on the internet, on social media of the NGO’s (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).

According to the organizers, the contributions of the partners of the business are to be transferred to the fund from the world health organization for the organization to help them to be equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment (Ppe) health care professionals all over the world. “WHO is best placed to lead and co-ordinate a global response to all of the 194 member states,” he says of the non-governmental organization.

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