Padre Fábio de Melo, it reveals a passion that almost made him drop to the religious life!


Padre Fábio de Melo found that, a passion almost out of the priesthood in the Photo: a Reproduction of the internet

Although as a priest, Father Fábio de Melo, it is well-known for his songs, and words of advice during a live presenter, Marcia Goldschmidt who almost dropped the boy to live with a lot of passion. The story happened in 1993, when He was still a student of philosophy, and asked the advice of a father the eldest. “He told me to put it this way: “You are not going to let you live this love’. And I said, ‘Leo, I’m a seminarian, I’m in love’. But he explained to me that I have made temporary vows, and that nothing was final and she had said, to His thinking, she might be the woman of his life.” However, the situation went the other way.

Neither the church, nor will He agreed to the singer have revealed that his own wife has decided to end up the situation: “there was a moment in which the girl has decided for us. It was a very insightful, wise woman. It hurt a lot, but her words made sense, also, of the religious, which, he said, “and She said, ‘I have been there in the house, and the other day I stopped by, I was looking at it and I thought about how I’m too small to fight against it. She was in tears and he said, ‘I don’t have the strength to fight back against that house, and with that and all that it means to you. Is going to be a priest, boy.

Padre Fábio de Melo said that he was very much struck by the words of the woman, “I Cried, I cried, I cried. I’ve been so lonely, ” but that phrase never came from me… such A beautiful woman. Inteligentíssima”. The exciting thing was that he returned eight years later, quite by accident, in a store, “She played with it, showed it to the son, and he said, ‘That’s my boy, it could be, but it didn’t work’. I was married, happy life,” he said.