Pedro Pascal in talks over the series ‘ Narcos, with the inclusion of the industry and the course


The form of the american dream, in Hollywood, it seems: the young man dreams of and that is the key to fame, is born. But that’s not always the story, this is a straight line. Pedro Pascal, there was a life before you and after you Game of Thrones. The actor, who had done small roles on television and was devoted to the theater in New York city forever, the 37-year-old in the role that would open the doors to what he thought were locked away.

After the prince to help his Martell’s, in 2013, there was the role that solidified with the arrival at the finish line after a marathon of auditions, and castings it has not always had happy endings-Javier Peña, an agent of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), sent in by the FBI for the capture of Pablo Escobar in the series Narcos.

It was three years ago in a series on the good, he bad and the bad guy, and Pascal, it hasn’t stopped since. The actor, a chilean, was a soldier of fortune in a The Great Walla secret service agent in the Kingsman: The Golden Circlethe the bad guy in – The Equalizer 2 and, more recently, the main character of the series The Mandalorianthe first series of the the spin-off the franchise Star Wars: Clone Wars in partnership with Disney and a+.

But it’s not just the cops and the antagonists, if you have made Etc. In 2017, the actor has been asked to be an ambassador for the campaign The ground on the Loewe, and this year it is on the face of the Mercurythe new fragrance from the luxury brand of spain.

How was it to go back to being a man of Loewe with the new world.

Well, it’s pretty special to represent a brand with such high quality. Everyone I know loves a Loewe tv and it is very gratifying to represent a brand with such a good taste.

And this is a new fragrance, Mercuryit is made up of contrasts,… How is it that you identify with these contrasts?

I think that the whole world is in a sharp contrast, the reality is a stark contrast of ideas and feelings. And I always seem to identify the differences that are a part of my day… that’s Why I think that the contrast is the more realistic idea that you could use in your campaign.

What is your favorite part of this contrast in a perfume?

I love that it is scent is a very hit or miss. Does not to find out if it’s a particularly sweet or particularly masculine. It is a fragrance which is open to all interpretations.

It is customary to associate with the men of the campaign of the fragrance, the charm, and class. What is the beauty secret a man on Loewe tv?

Well… I’ve been lucky, and I don’t have a lot of secrets [risos]. I think that’s the only real effort that I can to make it smell good. The rest of it, or is it due to an accident or a mistake.

© Gonzalo Machado for Loewe. Pedro Pascal with a look of total Loewe.

A lot of people, you know, for the sake of the series Narcos. How was it to be part of a project that has had so much success?

It was very special to be a part of an experiment in television that has set the bar for what is possible to do it in storytelling tv. I remember him saying to me, in view of the Tropa de Elite prior to filmarmos the first part of the Narcos and to think that if we were able to achieve a visual experience of that film and turn it into a series, we’re going to do what no one had seen him. And I think that’s what is happening, especially thanks to the great places that we’ve been on the record. It was amazing to live in Colombia, during the three years of the recordings.

Why is it that people are so fond of the programs on the drug lords and, in particular, about Pablo Escobar?

I don’t think it’s drugs… I Think people are fascinated by the power and through the war, they are things that are found in every facet of society, from organized criminal groups to the political… And I think that’s the number[[Narcos]it was a great reflection of the power struggles in the world.

Also, thou hast made a part of the Game of Thrones and, more recently, a series of The Mandalorian. How was it to be part of a project with a large number of fans. Have you felt the pressure?

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No, not at all. As an actor, I feel like I’m just the vehicle for the vision of man, and especially in those programs that mencionaste, there was a group of filmmakers, writers, and creative visionaries behind the camera. If there had been any pressure, they have to protect myself from it.

But, in spite of having been a part of the project as well, on the way to success was a long one, right? Tell me about it…

I wish I could have been successful much earlier, and it broke my heart when it didn’t happen… But then I became practical and I have continued to be very, very grateful for all the ways that I was in the back, and any money that you win in any job that I could. It got to the point where, even if you’re not earning a lot, he was surrounded by friends, actors, writers, and actors in the theater, and I was happy. And this is what I was trying to create the idea of it, I thought that it was a success… and just when I least expect it appeared in the paper Game of Thrones… And from that moment on, my life has changed dramatically.

© Gonzalo Machado for Loewe. Pedro Pascal with a look of total Loewe.

And do you think that this could be an example to the young players that are struggling to continue to hold their Game of Thrones?

Exactly. I think that’s the only reason why I came was because I got to try it. You speeding is always the chance if you do it more and more over time. It turns out to be a very simple formula, and a concrete to a more abstract level. Here is the contrast [risos].

And it is more difficult now than it was before?

I don’t know if it is all the more difficult. I know that there are more opportunities for you. I don’t remember ever having so many programs on tv… Even if it makes it hard to keep up with all of the different designs that are coming out, and the different platforms they appear on. I think that we live in a time when a lot of people who want to tell stories.

And do you think that the fact that the services of the streaming like Netflix, they will produce content in a non-English-speaking, is to open up the doors for other actors?

No doubt about it. And I think it’s pretty awesome. They are constantly on the recommend me original productions from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Israel,… And it’s all in your native language. I think it’s an amazing thing to you before, I just didn’t have the space for it exists.

And the US still has a long way to go before they accept the content in a non-English-speaking?

I think that — Yes. Yes, we have a long way to go in terms of widening the horizons in the entertainment, to the language, to truly be inclusive, to have more female directors and writers… I Think it is happening in many of the debates, for certain, and, in the long term, I would hope that the self-awareness to create the results.

And then the characters are so memorable, what is the role of your dreams?

I don’t know… I don’t know if you have a dream role… I Think it’s more of an experience than a dream: fun, great for a project with some friends.

And to carry out, or writing that is in the plans?

Secretly, I like it a lot writing it, and it’s something that I do since I was a child. But I am more modest about your writing, because it is a very exposed and vulnerable, and I don’t even know if I’m good at doing it, just because it’s hard to share it. But maybe one day…


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The article was originally published in the April issue of the 2020’s IN the Uk.

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