PETA calls for Taika Waititi to make Me vegan-in-Love-and-Thunder


The famous organization to advocate for animals, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), has sent a letter to Taika Waititi, calling on the mighty god of thunder from Marvel comics, to lose weight becoming a vegan.

As should be familiar by this point in time, I gained too much weight upon the events of the Avengers: Infinity War, fighting against His in the Endgame in a physical way, in that you have never seen.

Recently, a fan asked Taika Waititi about their upcoming film, Thor: the Love and Make up, asking the question of whether the “Fat ” Thor” was going to go back to what the director told me that he didn’t know for sure. The representative of the organization, the Lewis and Crary, he took the time to send a letter to the director asking for you to enter the film in the process of losing weight for Me, if you can, thanks to a diet free of meat and other by-products, or animal. Crary explains how this is supposed to happen.

“According to his Personal Trainer, Chris Hemsworth, adopted a plant-based diet for a recording of Me and some of the films in The Avengers and has developed a particular taste for the beans, and vegetarian burgers,” said Crary.

“And if Thor is serious about the protection of the Land, and become vegan, it would make enormous sense – away animal products from your diet, you could save up to 3750 gallons of water, 9 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, and over nine (9) square feet in area, of forest a day, in addition to saving the lives of nearly 200 animals a year. To make Me become a vegan, you can easily explain to you the repair of your physique, as it allows the hero to take advantage of the benefits of a plant-based diet.”

Me: Love and Thunder, was one of the films that ended up being postponed for a few months, given the current state of the pandemic that the world faces, that is, by pushing the film release on 22 February, in the year 2022.

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