Rafa Brites, cut in bangs, and gets praise for it, see who else has dared to in a scissor – 21/04/2020


In the middle of a quarantine against the new coronavirus, known are deciding to venture out and cut your own hair at home. The empowering Rafa Brites, they decided to cut their own bangs, wrote on the social networking sites-a surprise for the fans.

On Instagram, she has posted a video for cutting bangs and a photo of the result, which garnered a number of rave reviews. “Devastated,” wrote the british journalist, Development Wise. “I thought that was a bold and retro in the balancê is the perfect boniteza,” said the singer, Marcella Roll. See the following:


A publication that is shared by Rafa Brites (@idea for bmw) in the

But it is the result of the decision of whether to venture out in a pair of scissors don’t always have the good and the great. The singer, Camila Cabello, and that he had her bangs cut by her mother, did not like what he saw in the mirror. She also reported on the process and on the social networks.

“Nothing’s cool, she’s messed up,” said the singer in a video on demand the size of the fringe. “You told me,” responds her mother, who remains on the court to laughter. A little later, She appears with her bangs trimmed, and he says: “it ended up not being so bad”.

Ever the journalist, and tv host Fernanda Gentil has shown the result of the cutting of the hair, which made it on to the child. In the comments, the followers, playing: “do you Have a ‘tiny’ gap there, “o”, “poor little thing, it’s good that you have time to grow before you for the review on the kids”, they wrote.

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