Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland will face off in movie theaters


The change of date for The Batman, you will end up providing a stand-off between the actors in the Marvel comics, and DC in 2021.

The City, with Robert Pattinson, has been postponed from June 25 to October 1, 2021 in the united states. Thus, the film of the DC, now it will play one of the box office with the Lego adaptation of the game starring by Tom Holland (the Spider-Man of Marvel comics), and Halloween Ends, our commitment to the franchise, which started in 1978.

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Interestingly enough, some of the actors from the Marvel and DC before taking over the movie theaters, they have worked together.

Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, to play opposite in in the Avengers: Deadline, taped to the side of Robert Pattinson in the drama, and The Devil All the Time, for the Series.

The film adapts the novel of the same name, the author, Donald Ray Pollock. The story is set in a rural town in Ohio called Knockemstiff, and that is included in a group in the dark, and strange characters over the course of two decades, including a couple of serial killers, and a sheriff is just as corrupt.

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Written and directed by Antonio Campos (of The Sinner), the film is set to be released on may 15th in the Series.

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