Rolling Stone · the Marvel-confirms-death-in Guardians of the Galaxy 3: here’s 3 different ways


Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.3 you still don’t have a date for the premiere has been confirmed, but the director of the James Gunn you already said that you want to kill one of the members of the team of heroes in a long. This has sparked a wave of speculation from fans.

The movie Guardians of the they are marked by the death or near death was emotional, as the sacrifice of the Groot in the first film, they save the team, and results in a lovely Baby Grootand death, of heroism, of Yondu (Michael Rooker), it is accompanied by a declaration of love to a foster child Peter Quill (Chris Pratt).

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Thus, the death of the remarkable can be expected to occur, particularly on the part of some of the characters. We have listed them and the reasons for the closing of the arc of the heroes journey.


Drax I would have finished the journey for him in the USING to have finally get the better of Claims, the one that killed his family, witnessing the defeat of the bad guy. In addition to this, Dave Bautista hit the front of the Marvel comics for the removal of James Gunn and it came to negotiating a way out of the DC what would motivate the studio to finish up the arc of the character.

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The Mantis

The character of the Pom Klementieff don’t have a great deal of popularity with the fans, not so much screen time, so it seems like a safe choice, for the death of god. In addition, due to the connection thereof with the Drax, such a tragedy would give more focus on the hero and build an additional one.

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Rocket Raccoon

‘Rocky’ it is expected to die in the Guardian 3. The character was the only member of the team that has not gone away for the thought of His and one of the arches in the more dramatic because he didn’t accept your body is changing to it. The main concern from fans is that the Rocket Police you will gain a romantic interest in the film, A mutant Lylla.

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The other two are a couple, there’s a lot of time in the Comic, and how it is Bradley Cooper the one who gives voice to the hero, and the fans have already voted Lady Gaga as a favorite in order to interpret Lylla. The death of the ‘Rock’ soon after you find love, you would have to weight the long James Gunn I have already said that it plans a “major role” for the character in the movie.