‘Star Wars’: ‘The Mandalorian’ is renewed for season 3, says the website – 22/04/2020


“The Mandalorian,” the series ‘live-action movie universe, ‘Star Wars’, and already has a third season is guaranteed to be available. According to Variety, the ” pre-production for the third year in the series of Disney’s the+ in the coming years, if not months, before the opening of the second one, scheduled to take place in October 2020.

According to sources of Variety, and the creator, and Jon Favreau are already writing the third of the season, “for a while now, and in the art department of Lucasfilm has begun developing concepts and visuals for all-new episodes in the last few weeks.

“The Mandalorian,” was one of a series that has managed to finish shooting before the worsening of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. Since then, it has been announced that actors Rosario Dawson (“Men in Black”) and Michael Biehn (“Terminator”), will be in the squad for the second year.

In The “Mandalorian”, we follow the adventures of the titular character (Pedro Pascal), a bounty hunter who is in real trouble after saving to the store’s character, which the fans have dubbed the “Baby-Wars”, is a creature of the same kind of character in the classic film “Star Wars.”

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