The 5 songs that are important that you have marked Westworld


The number of CHANNELS, Westworld, he conquered the audience and the critics thanks to the quality of the production, the script, the performances, direction and soundtrack. In the latter sphere, the composition of Ramin Djawadi in the appeal, has the function of reinforce the point that its atmosphere is man-made, and that things are not as they seem.

In an interview with the Vulture, Djawadi has revealed the premise of her songs. “The program is in a sense anachronistic. It’s a theme park with a Western, and he still has game. Why don’t you have music to modern? And this is a metaphor in and of itself, is involved in the general theme of the program.”

Thus, by using the instrumental-of-piano-and-bass, it has made several re-readings of the songs, bands, and folk artists. Among them, the The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Guns N’ Roses and many, many others.

In this context, please refer to our list of the 5 best songs of the Westworld it relates to the premise of the story, the drama, the sci-fi.

Paint It Black — The Rolling Stones

During the first two periods, there was a piano in the room that are often presented with the poetry of the songs. A case in point was the “Paint It Black” is a song from the The Rolling Stonesin the version browser.

“It will take place during the action scene is really great, and there are times of ups and downs, with the drive-by shootings, and talks, therefore, decrease, and then retreat a little bit, and that was a lot of fun to organize,” he said to the composer, the Vulture.

The Ride of the Valkyries — Richard Wagner

In episode 5 of season 3, entitled, “Genre,” there is a great scene of a car chase. In addition to the following you present a beautiful picture, the song “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner, adds to its dramatic weight.

The show runner Jonathan Nolan has said in the web site This information it has sought to pay homage to the scene in the iconic film Apocalypse Now and we have used it in the original version.

The “Space Oddity” — David Bowie

Also in the episode, “Genre”, there’s a cover of “Space Oddity”, a famous David Bowie song. After Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) to free the population out of the loop on their lives is controlled by Rehoboam, and to create a havoc in the real world, an instrumental version of the song begins to play.

At the exit of the train station, to her and Caleb’s (Aaron Paul) watching the chaos of the new state-of-the shock of the people, after they discover their destinies are planned by the artificial intelligence. The scene is full of inspiration in the interpretation of the lyrics of Bowie’s, when “Major Tom”, he leaves the space capsule to float around with no direction known.

The Heart-Shaped Box — Nirvana

The journey from Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon), to find your love, up on the 2nd season, it featured the music of the Nirvana The Heart-Shaped Box”. After allowing his death, and it is located in the body and the regeneration of life (Julia Jones), in a storage of the host off, to the side of the many, many others. In addition to developing the arc of a tribe, a Nation of skeletons, it also has brought about a revolution in the park.

Using the instrumental version of the series, beginning with the lowest, and was higher to the extent that he was on his way to the tragic discovery, the scene was very emotional and unforgettable experience. It is even more meaningful when you have the phrase, “take my heart when you go”, which has been repeated several times throughout the course of the eighth episode, called “the Kiksuya”.

The Track “Runaway” — Kanye West

In the episode “Reunion” from season 2, ” and a cover of “Runaway” of Kanye West, was present, and in a flashback, in which Dolores, remember to take the opportunity to visit the real world before it can be ignited as a host. A shade of rosy, she has a promise of hope, with a variety of meanings.

There are so many layers to the interpretation of the use of the song. The most straightforward is with reference to the purpose of the host and to escape from the Westworld. The other point that suggests that the visitor go down to the park to get away from his or her life in the real world, at least on a temporary basis.

What is the song that was the most memorable for you?

The text written by Ricardo Carvalho Isídio via Nexperts.