The Brother, in Russian, they are “always talking” to the Marvel universe


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Anthony and Joe Russo they left their marks on the Universe of Film from the Marvel universe. A pair of directors is responsible for the control of some of the biggest and best films in the franchise, such as Captain America: The Soldier Wintry Weather, Civil War, Avengers: Infinite War and Ultimate. Despite the fact that today, they will not be in a relationship with the studio, the filmmakers that are constantly in contact with some of the biggest names in the business.

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In an interview with the ComicBook about his upcoming work as writer on the film The Extraction in the Series -Joe Russo admitted that it is still very close to the Kevin Feigeas well as the co-president of Marvel Studio’s Louis D’espositoand the vice-president of production, and Victoria Alonso. According to the director, on the day that they all agree on what to do together, and he and his brother, did not think of it twice.

“We’re talking to Kevin, Louis and Victoria, all of the time. They are all my family and friends. Whenever we exchange messages. We met up with Lou for a dinner regular, once a month, and there are always conversations going on. I think that when we are faced with a project that is right when we all find out for ourselves, with which we can work together, let’s get to the first one, I’m sure.”

Even so, fans can expect the The Brothers Russo the meeting with the main star of the Avengers in the future. The next film in the dual is given by Tom Hollandthe Spider-Man in the Marvel universe. In addition to this, the filmmakers have decided to produce a side by side with other major players in the series.

“We’d love to do something with Robert Downey, are we talking about a couple of things with it.”said Joe Russo. “There is another project, for a chat with Chris Evans and there are a further two projects about which we are chatting it up with Hemsworth. There’s another thing we’ve been talking to Holland. We love our family, and our family of Marvel comics. We all had so much fun together, we laugh a lot. We like to work together, and this is a priority for my brother and one for me. We love the creative aspects of a project, as well as a love for the people that are in it.”

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