The “One World”: it is a live album from the project led by Lady Gaga’s chance at a Grammy?


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The boys are at home, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, & Camila Cabello, Paul McCartney, Elton John, the Rolling Stones and other big names in the music have been compiled in the album and live, collaborative project, “One World: Together At Home, which is now available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple, Etc.

They are 79 songs in the history in the making, and solidarity, which lasted for eight hours, and it was broadcast all over the world. A marathon of solidarity, which has raised 127 million dollars to help in the response to the Covid-19. However, the question that many fans have done so on social networks is this: what are the chances of a “One World: Together At Home,” being nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammy awards in 2021? History shows that, while unlikely, is possible.

The Video) you raised some interesting facts:

Only four live albums, you already won

In the 62 editions of the award, and only on five occasions and the winner of the premier class was recorded live. The double album “Judy at Carnegie Hall,” was the actress and singer, Judy Garland, the first woman to win the award for Album of the Year in 1962. The presentation of the singer in the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York city, has been called the era of “the greatest night in the history of show business.”

In 1973, George Harrison won the award for the triple cd “The Concert for Bangladesh”. Cut to 1993: that night, Eric Clapton won 6 awards, including Recording, Song and record of the Year for “MTV Unplugged”. The work is struck in the back by the top of the player, after a family tragedy: his son Conor, 4 years old, he fell from the 53rd floor after an accident in the house. Two years later, it was time for Tony Bennett to take the trophy for Album of the Year for the work of the series “MTV Unplugged”.

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The similarities between the “Bangladesh” and “One World”

When we are talking about the possibility of a “One World: Together At Home to get a nomination for Album of the Year at the Grammy awards in 2021, we should think about the similarities of this project with The “Concert for Bangladesh”. But, let’s talk about it a little bit more:

Based on a couple of shows of the same name, made at Madison Square Garden in New York city, the project, spearheaded by George Harrison, brings in the participation of rock stars like Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, and Eric Clapton. These presentations are to be considered as the initiatives of the charity and the pioneers who have helped the refugees had no roof in the War of Liberation of Bangladesh. This was the foundation for the future charity concerts such as the iconic “Live Aid” (1985), and “the Concert for New York City” (2001).

At the ceremony of the Grammy awards in 1973, George Harrison didn’t attend it, but left it in the office of the former band-mate, Ringo Starr, the responsibility to receive the main accolade of the evening. As well as the ex-beatle has been in the forefront of everything, Lady Gaga is a trustee of the solidarity concert, which brought together more than 100 artists in a variety of channels of transmission. Once you have given the chance to see a star up on the stage to accept the award – if they win – they are great.

But what are the rules for the Grammy’s that say?

First, the award for Album of the Year, it was awarded only to the main act. This is what happened to George Harrison in 1973. Over the years, and the trophy happened to be awarded “to the artist, producers, engineers, mastering, mixers, and guest artists on an album containing at least 51% of the recordings are previously unreleased, being it vocal or instrumental”. Composers do not receive their trophy until then.

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In the fall of 2017, the Recording Academy (an association which brings together musicians, producers, sound engineers, composers, and technicians) moved back to the rules of the award, and the trophy came to be given to “songwriters, producers, engineers, mixers, engineers and mastering artists and participants, be credited to the account of 33% or more of their time on the album. Therefore, the rule does not apply here, since out of a total of 79 tracks, no artist has more than two songs on the disc.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, such names as Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Maluma, Writing, Niall Horan, Rita Ora, Adam Lambert, Luis Fonsi, The Killers, Charlie, Puth, Jessie J, Annie Lennox, Sheryl Crow, Ellie Goulding, and others, are listed as the artists participating in “One World: Together, At Home.” Imagine if the Academy had had to make dozens of gramofones gold for the most?

Those nominated for the Grammy award in 2021, will be revealed at the end of the year. If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, it’s back to your fans!

Listen to the album in its entirety!