The revelation of Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, it takes fans to Marvel at the madness:


Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, has announced a brief cease-fire fight – of course, in a game that is in progress.

The stars shared a video on social networks, by explaining how their feud goes back generations, and where they are causing on the internet.

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They decided to leave their differences aside for one day to support the fight for the All-In Challenge up against the lack of food during a pandemic coronavirus.

The video also included a few nods to the Marvel and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, sharpening the appetite for the fans to see these two together in another film.

“Put those two together in a movie,” said one fan on Twitter.

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“Now that we have the context of history, we are one step closer to getting a documentary film that explores the relationship between the two,” said the other.

“I love you both, and thank you for keeping us smiling during this time!!!”, he wrote to a third party.

Ryan Reynolds may be best known for living in the Deadpool in the movie the character is, and must be returning for more projects coming soon.

Already, the Hugh Jackman, who is responsible for portraying the marvel comics for nearly 20 years on the big screen.

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