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The latest news about the Apple TV+ they may be slow, but it didn’t stop. In fact, the giant of Cupertino, california, is using his platform to help in the fight to Coronaviruses (COVID-19), as we shall see in the following.

In addition, Apple will also be having a conversation with a director (the giant) of the film for the production of a new filmthe link to that: he has won an academy award), among many other features.

Let’s go to all of them?

The event, to raise funds

In an effort to counteract the effect of the pandemic on the Coronavirus in the United States, which is organized by a group of relief when the pandemic is in New JerseyNew Jersey’s Pandemic Relief Fundor NJPRF), will bring together some of the celebrities are american (born in New Jersey) to raise funds to help the most vulnerable victims of the state. The information of the NBC Philadelphiaas seen by our readers Leanne Boon.

So-called “The Jersey 4 Jerseythe event will be attended by stars from music, television and american as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Halsey, Chelsea Handler, Tony Bennett, Danny DeVito, Whoopi Goldberg, Charlie Puth, Kelly Ripa, Jon Stewart, SZA, and Saquon Barkley. All, of course, will participate remotely from their homes.

Bruce Springsteen has announced that he is joining the other celebrities in the state of New Jersey for an event JerseyForJersey, which will raise money for the fund for the relief of the pandemic in NJ. Tune in on the 22nd of April, in the @ABCNetwork!

The event will be broadcast on the 22nd of April at 20h (brazil time zone), the Music app (Apple’s Music and app’s to the Apple TV, as well as on several radio stations, and local stations.

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A film by Martin Scorsese

The prominent film director Martin Scorsese I would be talking to the Apple and Netflix what would be his next project, the film “Killers of the Flower Moon, based on the book best-selling author of the same name. The information that is in the The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, the film, directed by Leonardo DiCaprioI was on the stage with the Paramount Picturesbut the project has been broken to the extent that the budget was “out of control”.

Apparently, the production is much more costly than The US$200 milliondoing (of course) that the studio turned down the project. The ultimate success of Scorsese’s “The Irishman” (“The Irishman”had a similar history: it was originally developed by Paramount, but with the budget of$175 million, it also meant that the studio would sell the movie to the Series.

While martin Scorsese and Netflix already have a partnership established with the Apple, you may be in a better position than rivals to secure a new deal. This is because the Apple turned out to be more user friendly to distribute their products in the movie theaters, while Netflix would prefer that all the documents will be released first on their own platform.

The WSJ mind, that if Apple were to purchase the movie, you’ll have to “repay” the death of the resources that the studio has already invested in the project. It is also possible for both companies to join together, and with Apple paying a larger portion of the account, and in the studio, dealing with the distribution of the project — and yet, the film will be broadcast on the Apple TV, plus a period of exclusivity in theaters.

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The growth of the audience

As an effect, is almost natural, social isolation during a pandemic, the Coronaviruses, more and more people are attending the services of the streamingand a new study from Internet Analytics, as published by Deadlineit shows you exactly that.

According to the survey, the Apple TV+ there was an increase in the 10% at the hearing, within two weeks after the start of the pandemic. The biggest growth, however, came from two-sets specific to the platform, “Amazing Stories” (“Amazing Stories”), Steven Spielberg, and a new “The Mythic Quest: Raven”s Banquet”.

Numerically, while the former has generated 14x more views in the last two weeks of march, the second has seen an increase of more than 9 on the display.

As you can imagine, it was not just the Apple TV+, which has seen an increase in the interest of the user in the past week, the Disney+ it reported that it now has more than 50 million of the subscribers all over the world.

New video “Helpsters”

The alternative rock band The Mowgli’s he joined the muppets, the show’s child “Helpsters”in order to explain how to use it properly, a few words of English spelling-from a touch of special music.

To be an educational program for the child, the mac app store, making it available for free to anyone with an Apple ID, without the need for the signature of the Apple-TV – + (during a pandemic, the COVID-a 19 — a time in which tens of thousands of children have their classes put on hold.

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