Thor and norse mythology to animate the films on TV this Wednesday


Movies on TV this Wednesday (22), which are connected with one theme: norse mythology. One of the representatives, is “Thor: Ragnarokthat will be shown on Disney XD, at 21.

The third-a long solo from the God of Thunder, in the MCU, the show exiled on a distant planet and to attack others. On the side of “the Hulk” (Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles), but he needs to get back to Asgard and to him a sister, Hela (Cate Blanchett).

Fans of the norse gods could also have some fun with When The Lord Of Fire. The film will be in the Afternoon Session of the Globo TV network, which airs at 14h57.

In the story, the main character who gives its name to the title, begins to have visions about the gods of norse mythology, the one that takes you on a journey to save the world.

Here are some other highlights from this Wednesday:

Intrigue drama

Two films will bring you stories with a high content of the dramatic to the telinhas on Wednesday. They are as follows: What Time Does It Return? and On The Bright Side Of Life; the first one will be shown on TNT at 17h49, and the second on the Season at 22: 30.

With a performance of phenomenal and Regina Casé, the national film by Anna Muylaert, it displays a series of sensitive and critical, has focused on an employee of the home.

The other long, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, has as its point of departure, a man with bipolar disorder in an attempt to overcome the end of his relationship with a dance-off.

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The situations dire

The telinhas will also be the films with the complicated situation which involves the whole world, as Spread and Hearts-Of-Iron –. The long range in air, respectively, at 16: 10 (HBO Plus) and 23h17 (Space).

At first, it was a lot compared to the multi-coronavirus today, as it shows the emergence of a new flu virus that spreads around the world as a whole.

In the second case, the situation is rather alarming, that is, the Second World War. The plot brings up a group of soldiers on a mission impossible, but they are willing to put in the morality in the game to do it.


The characters of the non-human is also going to break into a flat in the third. Some of them are dinosaurs, all of which are in the Jurassic World: The Kingdom Threatenedmovie the 18, of Movies the Premium.

The following reboot it deals with the eruption of a volcano on the island of the creatures, but it is much more the wicked man and without the animals.

The other is longer with a non-human, and evil is The Curse Of Chucky. It’s a toy murderer is on the screens, SYFY, at 22h45.

The little slasher comes back to life in the story, to resolve old issues. The terror caused by the snowman is in the middle of a family trying to overcome a trauma.

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