“To the prime minister, Paulo Guedes, passing on false information about the situation to the states and municipalities. It is not the real thing


The prime minister, Paulo Guedes, passing on false information about the situation to the states and municipalities. It is not that serious

RODRIGO MAIA, head of the Chamber, the object of jair bolsonaro, resuming his attack on the government.

The so-called “Office rage”, which does work on the side of the presidential office, in the Highlands, under the command of Carlos, jair bolsonaro, has a new target. It is the ministry of Agriculture.

More from: Teresa Cristina, one of the favorite of the president, is of the order of Mandetta, the Mayan and the Author, but that was enough for a few quarters, but in the personnel of the thumb adds to the business to China.


The actress Sophie Charlotte, which is about to turn 31 years of age, may be seen in a double dose at the World. How to Maria Amalia in the sequel to the The fine print, you have to go to the end of June, and the number of All womenof the world, which debuts tomorrow (the 23rd) where they will live for the art Mary Alice. In an interview, the actress tells us that there are two things in common with the character of the dance, it is 5 years old and in Germany, his country of birth. She came to Brazil at the age of 7 years old. “I’m so excited for this premiere! I think that was the best news I’ve received in the past few days… I Have told friends and family that it’s going to be my gift early for my birthday. I’m going to watch it, and maratonar in a way that was very exciting because they are a part of this project, it was a beautiful thing. It was my relationship with the Sunday of the Olive tree, which gave me such a closeness to the character.

The intervention of the military

At the summit of the Armed Forces, he experiences a feeling of overall discomfort with the Jair jair bolsonaro told on the Sunday (19th) in front of the HQ of the Army in Brasília, brazil, to characterize the gathering as an act of pro-coup. “Now is the time for the patifaria!” and “I don’t want to negotiate,” or even, “You have an obligation to fight for the country and for you!!!” – these are phrases from the declaration of war, the Head of the Government, even though they don’t know exactly against whom, as the posters read: “Urgent! Don’t you have a conversation, and the people cry out for justice! Military intervention now!” and “the voice of The people is paramount. We are all about jair bolsonaro”. That is, it was a manifestation of order in the midst of a pandemic that has been sweeping the country. A military intervention, at this time, in the midst of the tragedy of the coronavirus, and, even in the face of non-compliance by the Armed Forces, including with ministers in the military government, the democracy, it is out of the question. It remains to be a pretext for exceptional measures would have been necessary to the support of the Congress. And in addition to the economy, devastated by the pandemic, we still have the election of the “new enemy” in order to enhance the image for re-election in 2022. And when he talks about “will not negotiate”, it means that the attempt to win new allies, including the Was already laden sunken.


Giulia Costa, 20 years old, she was the daughter of Flávia Alessandra, and Mark Paul, is an actress it’s already been a lot of criticism for using the family name of the father, He the Shore, and in his career. But then she explained that both her parents are well-known with no last names, so we adopted the step-father. A little-known actress, she is with the mother at the Mother’s Day campaign from the Latin american. And it calls attention to your posts from Instagram. Days of of these posted a picture of a bed, and in the other post is a special request to the singer and Justin Bieber where it was asked to be the face advertising for their brand, Drew’s House.

The counter-attack

Hours after the speech, considered to be the pro-coup de jair bolsonaro, in defence of the military intervention and the closing of the Congress, and the u.s. Supreme court, in Brasília, and the governors of 20 states had signed the charter in defence of democracy. The document of the National Forum of Governors expresses support to the president of the Chamber, Rodrigo Maia, and of the Senate, David Alcolumbre on the attitude of the two leaders of the brazilian parliament “him to participate in politics and democratic principles that founded our nation.”

The fear of the opposite

Rodrigo Maia, that he would be receiving a message from the war-and the death threats of the b bolsonaristas through the digital networks, it has maintained its home in the River, which is surrounded by the PM, and also by cars of the state police. In the video in the us, we had the police complaining about the time they were in the enhanced protection, it only lifted when he announced that he would return to the city of Brasilia.

The candidate

Augustus, the Altar, the prosecutor-general’s office, has been charged with 14 subprocuradores of exorbitar of their functions, to shield the government. Three days later, he left for the day to go to the figure at the inauguration of the new minister of Health. The altar is in the eye of a vacancy on the u.s. Supreme court, though his presence at the solemnity of its not guarantee for the appointment that you want. In 2016, However, As a Child, a minister of the Superior Labor Court, appeared to the others, and Michel Temer has appointed mr. Alexandre de Moraes.


The sons of jair bolsonaro, Charles, city councilman and A senator, members of the house Republicans, they have to lend us a hand in the re-election of a Marcelo Crivella, in the city of Rio de janeiro, brought his mother, Rogéria, who may emerge as a candidate for the vice on the plate of the governor. Charles doesn’t want to apply again, you want to choose the motherboard. In the past, Rogéria has given up his candidacy for the deputy mayor elect for the child.

With no insulation

333 Away from the period of the quarantine, with no mask on and handing out hugs and kisses (and here I am posing in group selfies), the governor, João Doria has been in the Araçatuba of the jet, which went down the lane to the farm for a celebration of the ricaços related to the group’s Colormaq-Colorvisão in Brazil, where he also posed for photos side by side In a part of the family of De well-known in the region, is delighted that his vision of a pandemic). But then – surprise, surprise – bolsonaristas of the city, they discovered his whereabouts and made a farm, with a motorcade full of posters from the “Outside-Doria”.


The governor, João Doria, has been the target of two more motorcades in the Capital city, on Sunday, (19th century), including large numbers of trucks boasted of in large letters on the body, on either side of the “Off-Doria”). The cars and the trucks made their way through the regions, and even neighbourhoods that are more distant, where, due to the sheer size of the vehicle, paralisavam all over the country. The officers of the m / s and the staff of the CET were not able to stop or steer in the trailer. It was all well planned out.

The box below

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Edir Macedo, has also been hard-hit by the pandemic. The list of tithe-that is, nearly empty, and the Universal, has ceased to appear in April, and its participation in finance of the TV to Record. And is in arrears on the rent for the time the tv is on, Band, and rede TV!. By the way, the world was informed of all of the members of his own novels, that they are not working they do not receive salaries at this time. And the staff swallowed it dry, it’s better than the last.


The Nobel prize in 2008, the virologista French Luc Montaigner is picking up a hypothesis about the origin of the Covid-19 (140-thousand deaths in the world), a virus that can be manipulated, accidentally, in a laboratory in china’s Wuhan, in the pursuit of a vaccine against Aids. The virologista Otherwise Wain Hobsob, of the Pasteur Institute, and ignores the statement. At the time, according to Montaigner, the chinese do not alardearam about it, because they didn’t know their features and effects.


In the developing countries by Roberto Medronho”, and is from rio de JANEIRO federal university, says that “right now, we’re on the climb continues up to the peak of the epidemic”. And it adds: “After the decline will be slow.” It takes place against the isolation of the vertical jair bolsonaro. “You can’t let your guard down. Anything that you do not want to see is a truck in the Army taking the bodies to other cities for lack of space in cemeteries. And it happened in Lombardy, the richest region of the country in the first world.”


THE PRIME MINISTER the SUPREME court, Luís Roberto Barroso, has responded to the speech by de jair bolsonaro as “scary”. “It’s scary to see the expressions on the back of the end of the military regime, after 30 years of “democracy”. You can only wish for the intervention of the military who have lost their faith in the future”.

IN the two press conferences, the mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, wearing white masks with the elastic smaller or the distance from the ears, it is the largest), which had led to a change in the visual of her ears. It has been said that he resembled the famous little elephants Walt Disney’s.

IN the In brazil, jair bolsonaro and warns that the$ 600 be donated to the low-income population, “it is not the municipality, not the government, it is provided by the federal government.” In the United States, Trump is going to even sign a cheque for US$ 1,500 to be used to show that the person who gives it to him. The New York governor, Andrew Cuoco, is on the phone with John Doria, sharing experiences.

THE the best observers have noted that, in a tirade on Sunday (19), Jair jair bolsonaro coughed three times, and brought his hand to his mouth), and that it could be a sign of the coming of the coronavirus. There, the president said the closest one, saying that it was a “tossinha”.