Tom Holland, don’t know exactly when it will begin shooting ‘Spider-Man 3’


Things are getting confusing, with the multi-coronavirus.

The third movie in the new trilogy Spider-Manthrough a partnership between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, was supposed to start shooting in June and July. It seems like it’s not going to happen.

Tom Hollandthe star of the series, and touched on the subject in an interview with the program Jimmy Kimmel – you are now going through to the lives.

According to the actor, even though the suspension is on the film industry and should be withdrawn until that time, there is still one stumbling block: the movie Whitethat he should have saved it in march and it never came to pass.

“I don’t know for sure. I was in Berlin shooting a movie called ‘Uncharted’ with Mark Wahlberg. We were ready to get started, we have been in the set for the first day of shooting, and then it all went down and we were sent back to the house. So, it is not clear whether filmaremos it ‘or ‘ Spider-Man’. Both of these movies are being made and are quite heavy, and the trails are fantastic, and what you want to happen, happen.”

I wonder what the future holds for us?

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