Tom Holland says that, it is with a sense of longing, of her “husband,” Jake Gyllenhaal


The bromance between the Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal it is still firm. On Tuesday, the star of the “Spider-man: Away-from-Home has shared a video on Instagram in which appears on your own private plane in the company of Jake and his younger brother, Harry Holland. In the legend, Tom wrote: “Miss, my husband.”.

Jake Gyllenhaal has put a six-emojis, of the covenant, in the comments to the photo, and he said that Harry Holland’s “the godfather wedding”:

In October of 2019, the Jake Gyllenhaal it also stirred the imagination homoafetivo to post a pic of the side of the Tone taken in the state of Illinois, at Chicago, with the caption: Forget your Biebers… We’re getting married!”.

The harmony between the actors in real life, has been widely acclaimed and admired for:

Tom Holland supports a hero of the gay: “the world is not just a white guy and the straight guy’

The ‘Spider-Man’s away-from-home’, Tom Holland he says that, I would love if Spider-Man was gay. The Sunday Times, the actor said, “I’m Not allowed to talk about the future of the character, because, honestly, I don’t know, and it is out of my hands. But I do know a lot about the future of Marvel, and they’re going to represent a lot of different people over the next few years. The world is not as simple as a white guy and a straight guy. It doesn’t stop there, and these films need to be more of a type-of-person”; to read the full story.

Heath Ledger would not make a joke of homophobia in the academy awards, according to Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal the deceased person Heath Ledger put on one of the gay couples of the most popular movie in the “Brokeback Mountain” first released in 2005. Commenting on this issue of the magazine, Another Man, Gyllenhall he said that the organisers of the Oscars that year and decided to make jokes related to homosexuality, both in the characters and in the long at this stage. However, The Ledger he has not accepted, and at that time he was in “bad taste” to make jokes related to their sexual orientation. Read the full story.

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