Tom Holland, the Man, Spider-man, brings bad news for fans of the Marvel comics


The coronavirus (COVID-19) that is causing the most change in the world. At this time, the latest film to affected Spider-Man 3.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tom Holland’s, the interpreter of Peter Parker, has revealed that the film Spider-Man 3 may be delayed. With this, the film Marvel and Sony may wind up being delayed.

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“I’m not sure when it started). I was in Berlin, shooting a sly cooper with Mark Wahlberg. We were ready to go, so I went back to the set, we had to stop everything and go back to the house. So, if I’m going to get back to White first, or the Spider-Man, I don’t know,” said the star of the Marvel universe.

Originally, Spider-Man 3 was set to begin filming in July. Because of the coronavirus, it starts to get difficult.

But, Tom Holland, ensures that the movie is going to happen to you, as well as the adaptation of the game Uncharted.

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“Both of these movies are being made, and the two of them are strong, and the script is fantastic, so that has to happen, it will happen. But, I’m ready for both of them. I mean, I’ve lived in the Spider-Man a lot, if you do not have to interpret it by tomorrow, I will do it,” said the actor.

It seems that Spider-Man 3 will be the date of the debut is delayed. Which makes it more difficult for a notice about the film is that the production of comic books, and Games.

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All the studios share a common hero, but each and every one of them has its own cinematographic universe. Interestingly enough, Sony and Marvel had already adjourned to the next movie in our heroes.

The only one still without an ad, it’s Spider-Man 3, but that is about to change. Playstation 2 was put in June of 2021.

In the film, Tom Holland, arrived in July of the same year. With the close proximity of dates, it’s clear that Sony and Marvel should be looking for another period of time for Spider-Man 3.

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Tom Holland, and Zendaya are all confirmed to return for the movie. The direction is once again in Jon’s Lap.

Sony and Marvel have not yet decided upon all the claims of Tom Holland.