Watch Troye Sivan and his band play ‘Take Yourself ‘Home’ – live at the house — Day Rio


Troye Sivan has shared a live performance of his latest single, ‘Take Yourself ‘Home’, to live in the house.

The presentation was premiered on April 20, via live-streaming on YouTube. The video combines scenes of She and her band playing the music on a separate effect from time to time.

Watch it below:

In the middle of the presentation, She took a moment to put on t-shirts, the fact that it was designed with the creators of Jack Taylor, Lovatt, and Lanning, Sally, to mark the release of the singles. All of the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts will be donated to the WHO, COVID – 19 the Fund in Response to the Solidarity and the COVID on Spotify – 19-Project-Music Relief.

“Take Yourself Home,” was released at the beginning of April, with a video clip of the letter that came with it. It was the first release from the pop singer 392. The video was created with the help of some of the creators of day of Sivan are from the social media.

“[Take Yourself Home] it is a sort of animated conversation with him, and in the place where you are. Fight for your place in the world, ” said She, in a statement.

I am writing this song as a diary entry; later it, like the life and the places change and change and change, and relationships change, and those songs can take on a whole new meaning altogether. Clearly, this has happened to this music with what is going on in the world at the moment. ”