“Work-outs – long Live the Difference: vote for the best character of the season


With all the changes in the grid of programming, the The globe he decided to show a video special “Work-outs – long Live the Difference“it’s the new season premiere. To entertain you, the fans, the vault, the story of the success of the five friends is a great tip. Appears originally in 2017/2018, a novel, by Cao Hamburger, brings incredible characters and their stories touching. If you’re reading, you know exactly what the Purebreak you are talking about, right? For this reason, we have a challenge for you to be able to tell you which one is the best character?! Cast your Vote in the ranking of the article.

The debut of “Workout – Transformation is delayed due to a coronavirus

In the midst of a pandemic of the coronavirus, and the audio recordings of the world are temporarily put on hold. For this reason, the new plot of the bad of 17, which was scheduled for may had to be postponed.

The story of the In Steinman, “Workout – Transformation” is packed full of new features. Even with only a few details are revealed, you will be able to get a glimpse of what’s to come. “We’re going to talk about the transformation in multiple layers and possibilities, to be on the breaks in the walls, a symbolic one, about social issues and about the country. For each of the character’s age, you will need to take ownership of their reality, and to convert the adversities into opportunities, and turn your frustrations into happiness. The characters in live situations, you will need to adjust your expectations and learn from the experiences of life. There are many opportunities for the identification of the audience with the stories I’ve discussed. I’ve got a team that’s huge, and extremely talented being with me on this journey. We are all very happy with the story we’re telling,” said the author.

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Oh, and about the cast: the Purebreak caught up in the Instagram web page, and you can go!