You know what time it starts in the CINEMA, ESPECIALLY, in the world today-Wednesday (22/04), and here’s what the film is going to go


After being a victim of a scam, he stole all of his money, Adam moves on to the pension of her Job at the Shelter, the neighborhood is located on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where he intends to escape from the police. In order to survive, he is selling quentinhas in the neighborhood. The situation changes once again when Andrade, a former business partner, manages to get Adam to recover his coverage is air-conditioned. But there is one problem: the board has been interdicted by the civil defense, Mrs. Jo, and the rest of the villagers go to live in the house of Adam.


The Title Of The Original They Will Be Glued To The Movie
The Cast, Paul, Peter, Marcus, Majella, Samantha Schmutz, Cocoa, Protasio, Oscar Magrini, Fernando Caruso
The Direction Of César Rodrigues
The Comedy Genre
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