7 celebrities that you are friends and you’ve dated the same person


Imagine you and your best friend have a boyfriend with the same guy. As it is, it is more common than you may think.

In the world of the famous, and dating one person, it is likely your friend has already dated or know of someone who is already in the date is quite common. But we separate the cases in which the best of friends or people that are very close to have an ex in common, and you will be shocked at some of these! Check it out below:

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It Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid they are the best of friends, so everyone already knows that, but did you know that the two ever dated the same guy. Yes, they have already had love affairs with Joe Jonas, although at different times!

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Well, Taylor and Katy Perry they were not always friendly, even put up a long fight, but today they have declared that they are at peace, even whenever they exchange messages. The two have already dated the amazing singer John Mayer.


Well, it seems that in addition to being good friends Victoria Justice and Vanessa Hudgens also, they have a fight together! I?! As it is, and the two dated for the actor Josh Hutcherson and, it would appear that the dating of the two of them with the acting ended up pretty good!


Ellie Goulding it is one of the stars that make the big squad Taylor Swift and in addition to his love for cats, and the two share a past in common, a DJ and a producer Calvin Harris!

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Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez they are the best of friends that we know, and the two have a past together. The two dated for a wonderful actor Taylor Lautner.

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