A drug dealer is caught with drugs in Caxias do Sul – Grupo Solaris


The WB has been a man on Sunday afternoon in the neighborhood of the Rio Branco,

A young man, 23 years old, was arrested by the police for drug trafficking on the evening of Sunday, October 19, in the neighborhood of the Rio Branco, in Brazil’s South. According to the occurrence of the Packet addressed to a motorcycle in a suspicious stance, and the magazine was found on the driver by 37.5 grams of cocaine, and 12g of marijuana, as well as cash and a mobile phone.

The man was taken to the police station where he was booked under the act.

The Material seized in the raid in Caxias do Sul

The Guaporé river

One man, 27-year-old was arrested for possession of an illegal gun and drug trafficking in the evening of Saturday, October 18th, in the Guaporé river, in the neighborhood of the neighborhood Place. And with that he seized a cell phone, cash, a handgun caliber, to 32 in two rounds, 17 tablets of marijuana and 14 bricks to the greatest, summing up to 7,880 kg of the drug.

Photos & source: the world bank/Outreach

No more than 7 pounds of marijuana that was found in the Guaporé river

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