Accused of as a cosmetic procedure, the actress is furious with the fan-and-drop the word


Kate Beckinsale in a scene
Kate Beckinsale in a scene (Movie)

The actress Kate Beckinsaleknown for his work on the franchise, the Angels of the Night, was a follower of the Instagram who accused her of being ill-advised in the use of botulinum toxin. She has 46 years old, he published a selfie on her instagram, showing her the apartment, and even her little dog that she was showing up at the bottom of the image, and then the fans started to comment on a picture in praise of her beauty.

It wasn’t until a follower in particular asked her to stop with all the applications, saying, “please, please stop using Botox, you… You won’t regret it when you’re older”. She has used her social network in a more consistent manner for the isolation of the social, don’t like nothing, nothing to read the words and missed the line is answered immediately.

“I’ve literally never used it Directly. Please do not fill up most of the bag, you’re going to regret it when you’re older,” she said. Kate, who has recently taken on a full-length novel with the rock ‘ n ‘ roll, canadian Goody Greace, 24-year-old, one year older than the daughter of an actress, a model, Lily Mo Sheen, the result of her relationship with actor Michael Sheen. Both of them were spotted holding hands in Los Angeles prior to the quarantine mandatory, which was adopted in the country.


The actress, who has always been in the news for the sake of his love life and his involvement with the young boys, as a comedian, Pete Davidson, a 20-years younger than she is and with whom, this was from January to April, 2019, with the comedian Matt Rife, who in the beginning of dating them, in the fall of 2017 was only 21 years old, he shared a few days ago, a video of adorable and cute for Easter with her bunny is real. The problem with this is that, at the moment, what would you do in the video, she realized that the bird had done a poo at all in his bed. “A Happy Easter. So here I am, trying to have a moment of sweet, a little rabbit, which, in fact, is doing a poo all the time. Well into the 2020s. I love all of you,” he wrote at the time.

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