Alex Matarazzo, in solidarity with the people of


Alex ” setting up a company to the area to Transplant the Hair, it is not only concerned with the aesthetics of her clients, but also out of concern for the risk of contagio on the covid-19, He directs his customers to maintain the care, hygiene, hair in the house, so as not to be exposed to the contamination and provide tips on how to take care of the choir’s head by social media.

In addition to this he has worked with entrepreneurs as well as in distributing hygiene kits to communities in the baixada Fluminense area by doing your part as a citizen by helping those who don’t have it.

Alex ” setting up has already reached the mark of almost 500 transplantations of people from all over the nation and some from abroad, who come to us to carry out the procedure of hair Transplant technique, FUE (follicular unit extraction,Micro-pigmentation of the hair and 2017), elected the best in Brazil by the specialized magazine.

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