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“First of all, I’d make sure that everyone is safe, secure, and social distancing. Please know that I am thinking of you,” he began by mentioning Lady Gaga in the social media networks by explaining that “the delay in the release of the ‘Chromatica’ it was a tough decision”. “Also I will announce a new date for the launch will be in 2020,” she said.

“It is a very difficult and scary for all of us, and I believe that art is one of the most powerful things in order to give joy and healing to each other in times like this, and so I do not think it right to release this album with all that is going on,” he wrote.


1 “Chromatica I -”
2 – “Alice”
3 “Stupid”, “Love”
The 4 “Rain On Me” (feat. Ariana Grande)
5 Is A “Free Woman”
6 “Fun Tonight”
7 “Chromatica II
The 8 “911”
9 “Plastic Doll”
The 10 Sour Candy (feat. Blackpink)
11 “the Riddle”
The 12 “instant Replay”
13 “Chromatica III
14 “must be sought From Above” (feat. Elton John)
15 “1000 Doves”
16 “This”

Tracks on the bonus
17, “Love Me Right”
18 “1000 Doves (Piano Demo)”
19 “Stupid Love ” (Vitaclub (Warehouse Mix)”

Here’s the cover art for the album:

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