Art to imagine a new team of Avengers in the Universe of Film from the Marvel comics


According to a rumor published by the MCU Cosmic, a new team of Avengers, should begin to be formed in a “Captain Marvel 2“. On the site, it is to be served, which shall be known as the New Avengers, as well as in the comic books.

Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange to lead the team, while Spider-Man, she-Hulk, and a Fighting Machine, are also good candidates. Now, it’s an art, think about how it would be on the team. Check it out below:

It is worth noting that it is a project of the The Young Avengers it is being rumored for the past several months, with the prospect of having Kate Bishop, Ms Marvel, Miss America Chavez.

Captain Marvel-2 hits theaters in the year 2022, and will have to return to Brie Larson in the lead role.

The screenplay will be written by the Megan Mc Donaldwho has worked on seriesWandaVision“.

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