Away-from-Home” made$ 339 million in net income for the Sony’s


According to the financial report for the Deadline, “Spider-man: Far from Home” he recorded US$ 339 million in net income for the Sony Pictures. In the film, it appears at the 8th position among the most profitable in the last year, and had a total cost of US$ 448 million).

For the purpose of comparison, the studio’s profit is about US$ 200 million, “Spider-man: The Return Home“ movie, which first appeared at the 7th position among the most profitable in 2017 at the earliest.

The other important piece of information is how Far away from Home, it was still produced under the old agreement, the Marvel Studios was not entitled to any percentage.

On the basis of “Spider-Man 3“ however, it’s estimated that Sony will pass that between 40-50% of the total production.

“Spider-man: Far away from Home,” he told with a Jon Watts on the way, and the return of the Tom Holland in the lead role.

Jake Gyllenhaal he played the villain Mysterio, but it’s one of the major surprises was the appearance of the J. K. Simmons as for J. Jonah Jameson.

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