Baekhyun of EXO should release a new album by the end of may


For the visa, or the new coronavirus will prevent releases from happening in the world of music, and it’s good. According to the information at the web site Soompithe SM Entertainment he confirmed that the Baekhyun is going to release one more solo album at the end of may. Fighting is not the first member of the EXO the focus on the work of their own, and then to the end of the boygroup is not a matter of concern for the fans. In any case, we are looking forward to hearing what the singer walked the farm.

“Baekhyun, is preparing for a solo album, which is expected to be launched by the end of may. Please, wait eagerly for this,” he said in the press release of the society, Entertainmente. It is worth noting that the Fighting had already released a solo EP on the 2019 bonds, the “City Lights“. So, their next project should be to provide continuity to what he had been doing in the past year. It’s really great, isn’t he? After all, the band has been highly praised by fans and also by critics, as it was on account of the smash hit “UN Village“what Baekhyun has received the award for the Best Male Artist in 2019 in the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

I notice that Baekhyun have done several of the work off of the EXOSKELETON, right? At the beginning of the year, he has also been involved in the soundtrack of the year “Mr. And Romantic 2“with MAMAMOO, Heize and Said. In addition, there is also a part of the group SuperMthat also New, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Luke and Mark. So much of this man’s doing, wasn’t it?

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