BLITZ – Halsey naked at the swimming pool. “Now that I have your attention. Happy Earth Day!”


Halsey has decided to celebrate Earth Day, this Wednesday, to share with fans a picture in which the nude, in a swimming pool. The artist is american and he wrote in the caption of a picture posted on Instagram: “now that I have your attention. Happy Earth Day!”.

“I would encourage all my followers to stop for a bit and think about ways to live more sustainable, in these times,” continues the singer, “we can all make small changes to cut down on waste, as a reminder to us to recycle, using wooden utensils instead of plastic, switch to shampoos and conditioners, solid, shop, small business, agriculture, etc.

The artist acknowledges that he still has “a long way to go,” he said in regard to the carbon footprint that your profession requires it, but it’s working. “If you ever are suffering from anxiety, ecological, and due to the hazards that our earth is at this time, making small changes can help you feel more relieved and happy.”

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