Boba Fett could make you the bad guy in the Mandalorian


Boba Fett could become the villain of the Mandalorian (Source: set-up/Playback)button
Boba Fett could become the villain of the Mandalorian (Source: set-up/Playback)button

The Mandalorian has already caused the return of Boba Fett in the Disney+. But is it really likely that the most famous bounty hunter in the Star Wars: Clone Wars to appear in future episodes of the series the live-action movie the Lucasfilm?

After appearing to cave in to his or her death The Return of the Jedi, we didn’t see much of Boba Fett to the prequels they were showing a version that is too young for him. Also, we’ve seen this version at the end of the season Star Wars: The Clone Wars.. But other than that, we’ve only seen more of the character of the Universe’s Expansion, which is today considered non-canonical.

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Boba Fett is one of the game’s iconic galaxy far, far away. In fact, the fans have asked for years to see him return in any form of media. But that day is yet to come. And if it comes with The Mandalorian, how could that be possible?

The return of Boba Fett

In Threadthe jedi apprentice, boba Fett uses his or her online in order to escape from the Sarlacc pit. Now, a new theory is presented for the ScreenRant it suggests that the bounty hunter could return the next day for The Mandalorian, and as well, as one of the main villains.

As revealed by the Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), the mandalorians are not a people but a religion.” A code of honor to live by, if you like. Jango Fett was never a mandalorian, but it is a bounty hunter who stole his beskar. The same is true of his son, Boba Fett. Therefore, if you are in the character to really come back, it would be an epic clash of two bounty hunters: a true mandalorian, and a liar.

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And if he was an embarrassment, Putting his own (Giancarlo Espositodecide to employ the help of another bounty hunter to go after them in the area, and a Baby Yoda? Well, if that’s the case, then who better than a well respected, that he has served the Lord as a Jedi at the time?

It is, of course, that’s just a theory. But the producers of the series, has been quite elusive about the possibility for the appearance of the character, and, though not confirmed, it also does not deny anything.