Camila Cabello is a video doing the cutting the fringe: “I sound Like Him”


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If it’s the social isolation, it is already difficult for those who have decided to cut the bangs out of pure boredom, you can imagine all the girls you’ve had in the style, and they are having a problem with the length of the strands falling over the eyes? As it should be! They will end up losing a lot of option and you need to take care of it, right? Camila Cabello has gone through it, and taped it all to the people in a video is a lot of fun.

A ~expert~ responsible for the processing of the mother of the singer! Hehehe. “The strip is too far away and I can’t get out. I’m going to have to trust this woman with my bangs, because I can’t trust myself,” he says. The wires are wet, the Lady Cabello has started to show his skills, and he made the daughter take the high laughter of a nervous disposition to see it as it was going in crooked.

In the end, She admitted that it did turn out much better than expected. “I have to assume that it was not such a bad thing. Right now, I’m with Him“, I said “fun”. In this way, you have not lost your good humor, you know? Lol. It was as beautiful as ever! can

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