Charlize Theron donates $ 1 million to help in the fight against the Covid-19


Charlize Theron and the foundation pledged to donate one million dollars to nearly one million euros to help in the efforts to combat the Covid-19. According to the international press, one-half of the amount is earmarked for the fight against domestic violence and for the the pandemic.

A piece of news that has been confirmed by the Charlize Theron The Africa Outreach Project, which was announced on Wednesday that, under an initiative called Together For Her, as much as 500 billion dollars would be allocated to institutions that provide to victims of domestic violence, and programmes to combat gender-based violence, as emphasized by the Daily Mail.

Already, there have been many alerts of the big risk of domestic violence during the the pandemicbecause the victim may end up being confined to the house with the assailants, as we point out in the paper.

According to a press release from the foundation, the actress it will support all the efforts that have been made in the United States and in his native country, Africa from the to the South.

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