Chris Hemsworth says he bought it accidentally, and 15 cartons of toilet paper – Who are the


Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky (Photo Reproduction in Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky (Photo Reproduction in Instagram)

Chris Hemsworth said, in an interview with the Jimmy Kimmelthat ended up making a faux pas with his wife. Elsa Pataky. The actor has said that, without wanting to, the two ordered a box of toilet paper, thinking that it was a 15-rolls, but it was 15 boxes.

“By accident, we ended up stocking up on. You can even smuggle in all these things, if I have to, because we’ve got 15 cartons of toilet paper in the house,” he said,and with good humor.

The couple have been going to the quarantine in his home in Australia, where they live with their three children. Chris explained that she has tried to help them with their lessons in school, during a pandemic, but we will not be a good teacher.

“I’m trying. I’m failing miserably. They are, like, four or five hours of negotiation and bribes, and after the 20 minutes of actual work. And, you know, that has all changed since I was in high school. I was having a conversation with the teacher about it, and adding, subtracting, etc. it’s not so simple to do today.”, he said, good-natured.

As for the way he is dealing with the fact that you are stuck with his kids, the actor said that his new found love for the grass court has been a distraction, a welcome one.

“I really enjoy mowing the lawn. I bought a lawn mower there are a a couple of months ago, and there’s something quite therapeutic about it. And it may only be a few hours of escape from having to entertain three kids for 24 hours in a day, you know?” To teach my children.”

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