Cinebiografia Whitney Houston is currently in development with a writer to the Bohemian Rhapsody


According to the Deadlinea film about the Whitney Houston it is being developed. According to the publication, the script and the production are under the care of Anthony McCarten, and the direction will be in the hands of Stella Meghie.

Anthony McCarten is a writer of biographical films such as “The Two Worlds,” “The Destiny of A Nation,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and – “The Theory of Everything.” Of the films listed above, with the exception of the cinebiografia of the Queen, and McCarten has been nominated for the academy award for all the others. ‘ve Meghie has to his credit works such as “The Weekend” and the drama is about a relationship with you “Anything and everything”.

In between the high and the low, there is no denying the importance and significance of Whitney Houston’s music. All in all, the artist collected more than 400 awards, including six Grammy awards. The achievements made in 2010, it entered the Record books as the female solo artist award of all time.

In the film, She has won the academy award for best original song for a duet with Mariah Carey “When You Believe”a song that was part of the soundtrack of the animated movie “The Prince of Egypt”. In addition to having won the prize in 2009, she was nominated for three others rather. The best of Whitney houston as an actress was her role in the “The Bodyguard” to the side of Kevin Costner. The singer and actress who passed away in 2012.

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Pat Houston, the result of its Whitney Houston’s Estate. Larry Mestel for the Primary Wave MusicDenis O’sullivan’s, and McCarten, through the Muse of Fire Productions. It is worth noting that, in the Primary Wave Music it is a partner of the estate of Whitney Houston, which will make it easier to use than many of the hit songs of the united states.

The film does not yet have a premiere date and you don’t have a date for the start of the film.