Danna Paola and Esther Expósito, from the series Elite, re-creating a visual, iconic Jennifer Lopez and the making of success on the social networks


The singer is Mexican-Danna-Paola, at only 24 years of age, he became one of the top young stars in the international market.

The work of the popular Spanish “Elite” of the Series, where he plays the character of Lucrecia, it also boosts your career, as revealed by the website Infobae.

And this week, Danna has caused a furor in the social networks at a time. The singer has shared a series of photos in which she and her colleagues took off for Cosmopolitan magazine.

It appears to be on the side of the actors, Esther Expósito, Mine, the El Hammani, Georgina Amorós, and Claudia’s Rooms, by using outfits, inspired by the iconic dress of Jennifer Lopez.

The images you have already signed up, with nearly 4 million liked on Instagram and a lot of the reactions from the fans. Check out the post:


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