Dwayne Johnson reveals to the paper that he had on the side


In this period of social isolation that has descended upon them all, Dwayne Johnson is a busy part of the time with sessions of questions and answers with fans, resulting in the revelation of the curious.

In the most recent session, Johson told the story of what happened about a decade ago, where he lost to Tom Cruise for the lead role in the film, Jack Reacher.

No save, wounds, Dwayne was not happy with the choice of a Cruise, and said that he would not have creative space to interpret the character of Jack Reacher in their own way, as it is a figure that is already well-known by the fans.

And with the closing of the door, the other opened up with the actor to be able to play an important role in the Fast and the Furious 5: The Rio, making it one of the guys on the most important of the series.

Looking back on it, Johnson didn’t have anything more than gratitude for the ending of the story.

With pretty much the whole film production down, the various renowned people in the industry, they drew up to the imagination to fill in the time. For example, ” John Krasinski has created a the news is positiveother they also devote themselves to the singing. Already, Samuel L. Jackson, I wanted to leave you an important message: to be in the house.

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