Fiona Apple has ever talked about the rape when MeToo is not yet there


In SÃO PAULO, SP, brazil (FOLHAPRESS) – for THE song “Criminal” was the third song is worked on the debut album from Fiona Apple’s “Tidal” in 1996, when she was just 17 years old. In the clip, which was directed by Mark Romanek, it has a kind of the photographs of Nan Goldin, is something from the movie “Kids” and ” a touch of David Lynch. Apple appears gaunt in the midst of the other bodies are thrown on the floor or in the bathtub. Takes off her clothes and rubs on the others, but it is a sexuality, drama, anything to do with lolitas dance of the season.

It was an instant success, almost a myth, broke into programming on MTV, and made it to the little girl’s dense, the one who did not fall into the graces of Britney Spears and the bands of the boys of that time. The young girl was talented, brave, and doesn’t make sense that so many other people.

Apple’s trained in classical piano and began composing at the age of seven years old. 16, the second told the magazine the New Yorker, as he looked out of the window of the apartment of her mother in New York city, where he was born and spent his childhood and teenage years, he heard a voice telling her to record songs written from the notes in their journals, filled with stories of love, and sexual trauma. And so she did.

With the three pieces of music, set out to meet his father, an ex-actor from the South who lives in Los Angeles, and, with the help of it, made a couple of demos. One ended up in the hands of a producer named Andrew Slater, who liked what he heard. He hired a band, rented out a studio and he produced the first album, “Tidal”, with the nightlife wild and the sophisticated, such as “Shadowboxer”, and of course, the ‘Criminal’.

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It sold 2.7 million copies. The first check he received for the copyright, it was worth$ 100 billion, or$ 540 billion today, but as I was still a minor, her mother had deposited in her account and sign a contract with the company as the responsible party.

Even if he did the music, well it is serious, Apple was a girl on stage, funny and constantly talking, he called out to the audience of, “you adult”.

But, in interviews, and it is in general, any reporter in the position of a health care professional, and that he spoke freely about his fight against depression, as well as share stories, and intimate details of his love life. In the Rolling Stone magazine, for example, reported that she was raped at 12 years old by a stranger on the stairs of the apartment building where she lived, as she heard her dog barking inside the apartment.

Apple spoke of these things, without shame or fear of being stigmatized – in the 1990s, they were very different, and the movement of MeToo I was far away from there, and almost no one was admitting publicly to being a victim of sexual harassment.

On the occasion of the release of “Tidal”, she has won the award for MTV’s best artist of the year ” for the song “Sleep to Dream” and made a speech, not prepared to the surprise of the audience, and the audience’s attention. “I’m not going to do it like everybody else does,” she said. “This world is crap, and you shouldn’t pursue a life of thinking about what we think is cool, what you’re wearing, or saying,” he followed. “This is stupid, I’m here.”

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He also said, in an interview with Spin magazine that he would “die soon”. “I’m going to make another album, I’m going to do good things, help people, and then I’m going to have to die.”

In the mouth it’s dirty and releases from Fiona Apple just did it to be seen as a troubled girl, an aspect reinforced by the lyrics of their songs and their appearance, which is made in the style of “heroin chic”. In 2000, she had a breakdown on stage in new york, and the instability that became his trademark. And it was also in her personal life with the lovers ‘ star-like magician David Blaine and director Paul Thomas Anderson, which was widely covered by the tabloids.

Even if he said that a person’s home, and the lonely, Fiona Apple has made long-lasting friendships ever since it was installed in the neighborhood of Venice Beach, in Los Angeles. Model Cara Delevingne is a constant companion, and closest friend is a film-maker Quentin Tarantino.

Their albums were released without any explanations. The second one is from 1999 and the third in 2005 and fourth in 2012. A reputation for being difficult, was gradually giving way to the recognition of a singer and a songwriter, unique, and relevant to the level of Joni Mitchell or even Bob Dylan. “Fetch the Bolt Cutters came in to take yet more proof of that.

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