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The art, released by Nasa to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Day on the Ground

The art, released by Nasa to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day (Photo by Handout/Nasa Science)

This year, Earth Day will be marked by actions in the house, which will be the main line of the fight against the loss of sustainability of what is going on in the world. There are 2.6 billion people in the world are living under restrictions because of the Covid-19, which causes the changes in nature that remind us of the importance to maintain a conscious life on the earth. THE PEOPLE to list some of the actions that will be taken to commemorate the date, in addition to the history of its creation.

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In the years leading up to the first-year data, the u.s. was very composed in the face of an era of industrialization in the country what has become “common” to the pollution of the air, due to the progress it was going through the machine. In 1969, the junior senator from the u.s. state of Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson, witnessed one of the worst oil spills in the history of the united states on a platform in the Santa Barbara burned down and tens of millions of gallons of crude oil ended up in the water.

Therefore, the state has sought to movements in the universities in the country and has chosen, along with the young activist Denis Hayes, the day of the week between the holiday, the american students and their final exams. On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day inspired 20 million americans to take to the streets, parks and auditoriums to express itself against the impacts of humans on nature.

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To date, the company’s consolidated, worldwide, in the year 1990 and has come to mobilize 200 million people from around the world. At the time of the event, gave a great impulse to the Earth Summit of the United Nations, which was held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1992. As early as the beginning of the 90’s, the date is recognized throughout the world as the day on which the shares are held and are shared to effect change in human behavior, and the overall policy in relation to the natural environment.

The planting of 120 saplings of fruit-bearing trees in the area, (Sesi), of the Bar of the state of Ceará

The planting of 120 saplings of fruit-bearing trees in the area, (Sesi), of the Bar of the state of Ceará (Photo: Peter Valentine)

It is important to remember that we are not in agreement with it. In a press release from the Organization of the United Nations (UN), there is a concern about the consequences for your health, it leads to the loss of biodiversity, as andsuch change will affect the functioning of the ecosystem, causing significant disruption”. According to the institution, in spite of the best efforts in the progress of the biodiversity situation in the world, with an estimate of around one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction.

In Brazil today, many experts argue that the government has an agenda as anti-environment.” Deforestation in the brazilian Amazon has almost doubled compared to the previous yearaccording to data from the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (Inpe) in brazil. The actions taken by the licensee to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), Ricardo Salles, is also an assault on the nature of the brazilian, according to the experts. Dismissal of the charges, the cuts to budgets in up to 24%, and the prohibition of the Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos recursos naturais Renováveis (Ibama), in its opinion publicly without coming in contact with a folder of government measures that make it difficult for the sustainable work in the Country.

“Climate change” is the theme for the year 2020; see what you can do at home

The theme is established each year for Earth Day, a recruiter officer of the rallies in the world every April 22. In the year 2020, the Earth Day, which will focus primarily on the actions of the elements. According to the organisation, with climate change representing the “biggest challenge to the future of humanity and the life support systems that make our world conducive to life”.

The subject comes up, after the constant discussion due to the changes in the Agreement, of Paris, and the work of young activists around the planet Earth, such as the young, Swedish-Greta Thunberg, who was elected in the person of the year 2019 at the latest for the magazine.

By 2020, the celebrations will be at home due to the pandemic caused by a new coronavirus. However, this does not make it impossible for such actions to be in effect for the health of the environment.

Among the many activities offered by the campaign to #EarthDayatHome, which was created by the u.s. space agency Nasa, there is a video in celebration of the 50th anniversary of that date. In the pictures, there is an audio compilation that brings together data from scientific missions related to the Earth. Each and every time it brings a new mission statement, which is accompanied by a sound of its own and a picture of the earth that represents how the scientists of the institution in the data received at that time. The song was known as “the Song of the Earth”.

The Wipes in Brazil will be a brazilian on the front-of-date. The NGO is promoting a public awareness for the problem of the disposal of the irregular waste in the city. For the game, the team will make available on its home page to various actions that can be taken on the first Day in the Land of the digital. Lives, and lectures related to the topic of climate change will be discussed in the run up to the 28th of April. It is also possible to apply to become a volunteer.

At home, the actions do not involve a change in the routine, and practice habits that can help you in the wild. It’s never too late to join in the development is to be sustainable. Here are some tips on how to date, which highlights the importance of being sustainable.


In the spare time at home, it can bring out the creativity in the kitchen. Try the recipe with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins. Reduce the intake of meat replacing animal protein for vegetable protein could also help with sustainability. Of the Brazilian Society Does (BLS) has launched a campaign for April’s Vegan, which encourages first steps toward veganism, this month. It is important, first of all, the follow-up medical care.


It is also important to take advantage of their leftovers and reduce the amount of waste in the food and this can be done by means of composting, a biological process in which micro-organisms transform the organic matter into a material similar to compost. Divide equal amounts of organic materials, wet and dry, and let it sit in a container in the area in the light of the sun. Take care of your container every couple of weeks, adding to the organic waste in water. When a mixture is present, the coloration is dark brown, it is ready to be used. The process can take up to two to three months.


Get the book old man’s stand, or the kind of clothes that stop in the hanger which helps you are spreading the word on sustainability. Donations may be made to the institutions that are in need of these items, and you can get it from your house to prevent you from leaving. Look for and get in touch with the local institutions.

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The social isolation, it can not be a reason to avoid exercise. Please take a few minutes out of your day for physical exercise, in order to avoid contact with people or objects that might be contaminated. The practice reduces stress, anxiety and improve mood, in addition to stimulating the immune system.

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