Halle Berry reveals that he almost died during filming of ‘007 – A New Day-To-Die’: “it Had to be sexy; watch it!


It is not easy to perform in an action movie! This Tuesday (may 21), Halle Berry has revealed the serious s perrengues that you faced in the recording of “007 – A New Day To Die”. According to the star, thanks to her costar, Pierce Brosnan, and that it is not dead.

During “The Tonight Show,” she told the episode to be gentle on the Jimmy Fallon. “I was doing a scene with Pierce Brosnan in ‘for A New Day To Die,’ and I want to be all sexy and the like, trying to seduce him with a fig. So, I ended up choking on it. He had to get up and do the maneuver the Heimlich”recalled.

“It was nothing sexy, nothing sexy… You had to have seen it. James Bond knows how to do the Heimlich”he told the star, ” with reference to the technique of first aid is required, which consists in pressing on the abdomen of a person who is choking. All of this is done with the warmth of the Summer for Pierce, only to increase it. “He was there for me, and it’s always been one of my favorite people in the world.”said the actress. Watch it here:

This is not the only one it looked at by a Professional! Also, on A New Day To Die, a star came off injured, after a sequence of action recorded in Spain. At that time, debris from a smoke grenade struck his left eye. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress was transported to a local hospital, and the doctors have removed the small shards. Halle was left with the cornea burning, but as soon as she recovered, and went back to work.

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Hollywood isn’t just glamour, not a mess… It’s a lot of sweat and struggle. But in the Hall he gave up the blood! Lol