Halle Berry reveals that Pierce Brosnan saved her from choking on the set of ‘007 – A New Day To Die,’ It


The public is accustomed to seeing Pierce Brosnan saving the world in movies James Bond.but he also had a moment of heroic in real life, like when he avoided her Halle Berry if you asfixiasse on the set of the record.

The revelation was made by the actress on Tuesday, in an interview with the Jimmy Fallon the program The Tonight Showin which he recalled the incident with a sense of humour and a bit of a shame.

“There was a time that I was doing a scene with Pierce Brosnan 007 – A New Day To Die (2002), and I was supposed to be totally sexy, and I had to try and lure you in with a fig. And I, I’ve been choking on the rice,” she said, chuckling.

“Well, then, we had to do the Heimlich maneuver. It was not enough. James Bond knows how to do the Heimlich maneuver. Paul Pierce was there when I needed to, and will always be one of my favorite people in the world,” he said.

John became the ‘Bondgirl’ after the success of The Lord’s Supper (2001), for which he won the academy award for best actress. A New Day To Diedirected by Lee Tamahori, it was the final film of the Brosnan as 007, before passing the baton to Daniel Craig.

The franchise is the secret agent has been in the news this year because of the new movie 007 – No Time To Dieit was the first major production in Hollywood, to have the release in the movie theatres delayed due to the pandemic covid-19.

The film will arrive in theaters in November, rather than April, as originally planned. The cast of the new film the account, with Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Rami Malek.