Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds join forces in the campaign to charity


“The enemy,” since we have worked together in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (2009), Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds they decided to leave their differences aside to raise funds for the companies, which distribute the food to families in need in the United States. In a video released on Wednesday (22), the duo promises to work together at a lemonade stand in the winner of a prize draw organised by the The All-In Challenge – watch it above.

The official web site for the campaign, interested persons can buy coupons from $ 10 the $ 100 in order to participate. The money will be 100% back to your organizations, Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and The Kid’s Hungry.

In the past few days, the All-In Challenge has been organizing various auctions to raise funds for the The American Food Fund. This week, the company launched a sweepstakes for a fan to attend at the burning of Friends a silent auction will provide a “rolein the film Assassins of the Moon of Flowers,created by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The effects of coronavirus on pop culture

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus, the various areas of the entertainment is affected with the postponement of the premiere, they are in production and the cancellation of the big event.

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