Is provided in the face of the epidemic, the Church in Pakistan that distributes the food, and the skins of the poor and needy


The parishes in the Archdiocese of Karachi and Lahore, in Pakistan, have been mobilized to distribute food to families in need. Archbishop Sebastian Francis Shaw of the roman catholic Archdiocese of Lahore, gave rise to 15,000 tons for the poor and for health care professionals. Caritas Pakistan is also very active in the country, especially in the period of the pandemic.

Vatican city,

“In those days, we all have a limited life, we are living in confinement in the house. We have enough food, but there are a lot of people in the area, and in our own neighborhoods, that they are not in the same situation: they suffer from a lack of food. Let’s take a step further to help those in need, in great need in this crisis.”

To find those in need

The report of the Agency, Fides, comes to the priest, father Ryan, Joseph, the rector of the Seminary of the society of St. Pius X is in Karachi, sindh, Pakistan. The priest also told them that the faithful were encouraged to meet with the poor and the needy, regardless of religion, as well as help them to Buy food for the poor, with charity, true to the spirit of the Easter holiday. Anyone is welcome to help out in at least two of the families who are facing financial difficulties during this period, the closing for the Covid-19″, was the call to the priesthood, which also broadcasts the daily Mass and devotions for the facebook.

“For our part, we supported 150 families in need, in particular, those of the day, and that you are now without any source of income due to the quarantine. And we are looking to increase the number of families served”.

Already a priest, father Arthur Charles, the parish priest of the church of Saint Anthony in the roman catholic Archdiocese of Karachi, told Fides that its pastoral staff, “is working hard to provide food packets containing 5 kg rice, 5 kg wheat flour, 3 kg sugar, 3 kg of lentils, and oil to the 900 families in the parish who are living below the poverty line”.

The joy of the one who is helped

Robin Patras, as a christian, along with his team of the company Aaron Inc. it is in an effort to help the 300 families in the outskirts of Karachi. Robin’s account, Along with my friends, I have decided to do something to help these people in need. You see, the joy that you feel after receiving food aid, at the time when he is need.

“We are getting in touch with the people who have asked for help – and then he continued. In the families in which they live, with the win of the day, there is a lot of suffering. I think that the help is aimed at the families of different religions, and represent a sign of hope.”

The distribution of the masks

In the roman catholic Archdiocese of Lahore, bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw has donated the 15,000 tons of the world’s poor and needy of the city, especially in the health-care professional. The pope has declared to the Agency, benedict xvi said: “In these difficult times, we need to be close to us. We are working hard to protect the people from the coronavirus. We are our government, and we will make all-out efforts to combat the Covid-19″.

Father Ashraf Gill, in charge of the Parish of St. James, in the diocese of Lahore, and distributes daily to the bags of supplies, and shades for different areas of the city. He says to Fides: “we Believe that it is our responsibility to reach out to others, especially to 950 families in need in the parish, with the food and masks to protect your face.

The contribution of the people

With the help of his pastoral team, fr. James Castellino, the Dean of the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier in India, distributed food to 150 families in the parish. The priest is to declare to the Agency, benedict xvi said: “I Am grateful to God for the contributions of our parishioners, who helped us to collect 225.000 rupiah in pakistan (about 1,250 euros) to help support the families of those who work for wages daily.

In parallel with the efforts of the parish, is a co-ordinated response to the Festivals Pakistan, which has distributed 250 kits to the safety of the staff of the Festivals, volunteers and health care professionals are on the front line, in order to protect them in the course of operations in the area.

(Fides Service)