Jair bolsonaro, and Mandetta, of the boat. The only one will save


He who is drowning know well what happens when the waves approach and leave the person outside. The water in the foam, and the fear of not knowing whether or not the land is close to ‘invade’ the body and the soul of the chosen one by fate, ” If I die, you will never see my family, and it will be gobbled up by a shark, and not my body, it will be shown, are the thoughts that come with each wave.

A good swimmer, used to swim in the open water, he knows that he may be able to save the fatigue of the cãimbra, and the excess is sufficient for you to survive in the turbulent waters of the atlantic ocean.

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In politics, it is the law of survival is the key to stay in power. At the moment, an unusual one in which we live, the courage of the the ministry of Healthdoctor, Mandetta, in the face in the chair Jair bolsonaroas I said, the vice-president Postit exceeded the line of the ball, committing a penalty, as it is in the game of Polo.

Mandetta, political savvy, it also acts to strengthen the name, making the most of the time the pandemic to prove effective in spite of the fact that you follow the guidance of the technicians, and to declare the results of what is happening in front royal, which is the fight against the disease in the base hospitals, and in ambulances in laboratories, in research and in self-sacrifice, even to death, without leaving the patient’s.

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In fact, it’s the doctor, in practice, difficult to give up a sick person, what happens is that you, the patient, or their family members have observed the ineffectiveness of the treatment, and to replace the expert, and, in many cases, you just transfer the infected for the centers of excellence; that is to say, if you have the resources to pay for the procedure. In the case of the power of survival, it is necessary to cool in order to overcome the difficulties, like those of the rulers who are also the group most loyal, dedicated and up to the edge of the cliff.

Jair bolsonaro and the Mandetta they are such as almost drowning, holding on to a single tube. Jair bolsonaroa stronger, scratch-resistant, and paratrooper, trained to survive in the wild, it uses the strategy of the military to die, and, if necessary, to kill.

Mandetta, who took it well featured in the the pandemicbefore you fall into the sea, and has received strategic support from its companions in the CAN, they also seek power at any cost. In addition to this, you receive for the support of the mainstream media, which is focused on the overthrow of the president. As well as on the tube, waiting for help to appear to be pushed away by your partner, and you get eaten by a shark.

The reality is that it is only one of the two will save you, and the more likely it is that it is more heavy duty and that he had enough votes to govern the country. The doctor did not wait for it to Leonardo DiCaprio be sacrificed in the name of love and solidarity, this will only happen in a movie.

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