Jennifer Lopez reveals the care with mental health care in quarantine.


As well as a lot of people, Jennifer Lopez has had an emotionally-committed during the isolation of the social and the struggle against the new coronavirus. Today, the star told us how to take care of your mental health, and the body in this period, and gave advice.

“I’m giving you a day off for all of my hair is damaged by 20 years of work, my nails are breathing in… I Am taking care of myself in general. We don’t want to get out of this situation without the growth,” she said to People magazine.

“In the beginning, it was fun to stay in a comfortable, wear sweatpants and stay in with her hair messed up, but you get the feeling of a mess on the inside. So, I think it’s important to get up, have a routine, try working out, to keep up with my skin care products and regularly use this to improve,” said Jennifer.

The actress / singer is “contained” to Florida with her fiance, Alex Rodriguez, her children, Emme and Max, and his daughters, Natasha and Ella. The family in the process has been based on meditation, prayer, and the importance of maintaining a healthy routine.

“We’re going to be in the house to protect those who are on the front line [da luta contra o coronav√≠rus]the doctors, nurses, and technicians who are working so hard to save lives in our hospitals,” she wrote on Instagram.

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