Jennifer Lopez talks about the ring she received from Ben Affleck. Worth millions


Jennifer Lopez is a today, the bride, and Alex Rodriguez, however, is the life of an artist has been marked by many relationships, one of them with him Affleckthat is , who was also a bride to be.

At the time, according to a note in the Cosmopolitan magazine, one of the ‘details’ that has attracted most attention is the engagement ring offered to you by the actor, in the year of 2004.

It was a question of a diamond’s color is pink for Harry Winston in the amount of $ 2.5 million to approximately eur 2.3 million.

She spoke about the jewel during a recent interview in which he recalled the day he met one of his idol: Barbra Streisand.

“I met him at a party Los angelesfor many years, at the time, she was engaged to Ben Affleck and she was curious about the diamond, something that he didn’t know. He had given me a diamond’s color is pink, of which the press spoke a lot. She came up to me and said, ” can I see your ring?’ Asked about the ring, what about me…. I thought it was a strange thing to be famous,” he said.

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